Senior Management Team

Mr Fraser Cowie : Head Teacher

Mr Gregor Watson : Depute Head Teacher (acting)


Primary 1M : Ms Heather Moreton

P1R : Ms Gillian Ranshaw
Primary 2 : Ms Sarah Tuckley
Primary 2/3 : Ms Morag Lees/ Mrs Heather Lewis
Primary 3/4 : Mr Paul Rae
Primary 4 : Mr O’Neill

Primary 5 : Ms Corbett
Primary 5/6 : Ms Anrea Godoy
Primary 6 : Ms Murray
Primary 7 PT(A) : Mrs Alice Atkinson

Non Class Contact : Mrs Elaine Cook

Specialist Teachers

Support for Learning : Mrs Caroline Stewart

Music tuition : Mr Oag, Mrs Mann and Mr Sutherland


Red – Mrs Sylvia Smith

Blue –  Mrs Louisa Chalmers and Mrs Sharon Horne

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Christie           Mrs Reid
Mrs  Esson            Mrs Scott
Mrs Johnston        Mrs Troup
Mrs Mair               Mrs Sangster

Mrs Reid

School Administrators

Mrs Kelly Zebedee
Mrs Denise Elliott


Mr Ernie Reid

Catering Staff

Mrs Diane Clark

Active Schools Co-ordinator

Ms Holly Dawson

Educational Psychologist

Ms Nicki Morris

School Nurse

Mrs Rachael Gibson

School Doctor

Dr Hayley Hamad

School Chaplain

Mr Scott Guy

Home School Liaison Officer

Ms Laura Fraser

Parent Council Chairperson

Mr Graham Scott



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