Support for parents of children with ADHD/ADD/ASC

The Early Intervention team are offering a series of workshops for parents to support families.

Please read text below to see description of what they are offering and book through Eventbrite by following the link below:

Early Intervention Aberdeen Early Intervention Aberdeen is a support group for parents, care givers and providers of children with suspected neuro-diverse or neuro-developmental conditions. We are pending charitable status.All children should have equal opportunities to grow and develop to become their best selves at the earliest possible opportunity. Our fundamental belief is to promote a culture whereby early intervention support for every child with a suspected neuro-diverse or neuro-developmental condition, is non-negotiable aither before the age of 5 and/or as soon as there are concerns about the child’s development. We want to raise awareness of the support needs of children who may ‘slip through net’ because of their high functioning perceived abilities in an educational setting or because they are pre-school age. We aim to be both a voice and support network for parents, care givers and providers to encourage them to become more confident advocates for their child’s journey into adulthood. One child’s diagnosis and exper

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