Learning in P2/3

What are we doing in P2/3?

We are learning about the global goals.  The ones we’re learning about are

  1. Zero Hunger
  2. Clean Water
  3. Making sure everyone is treated equally

We are learning about saving water so we made posters to teach everyone to save water.

In our assembly we are doing road safety.   We made posters to hold up and filmed a video.

In writing we wrote our own fairy tales.   My one was about a princess who stole a car but she turned good  so she gave the cars to a homeless boy and girl in the end and they all lived happily ever after.

In maths we are learning to add and take away.  We have been learning to use number lines, blocks and ten frames to help us to add.   We are doing sum dog on the computer.    I’m trying to get a hundred coins a day.

my favourite song in to sing in class is the is 5x table song.

Reported by K.W for Westpark on the Web


What are we learning in P2/3?

In maths we have been learning ways to add.  Next week we are doing take away.

We are learning about road safety.  Some of the rules are to hold Mums or Dads hand for crossing the road, be sensible and to stop look and listen.

In writing we were writing our own fairy tale about any characters we want and I loved it.

Its our assembly soon we were doing posters and singing for it too.

Reported by L.W for Westpark on the Web



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