Scottish Education Today – in a nutshell!

New Nutshells Launched!

Today we launched our Empowering Parents and Carers in a Nutshell. This nutshell is a guide to Scotland’s Empowered Education System, the Importance of Parents within the System and Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities.

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We have launched our Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) in a Nutshell. This Nutshell will give the basics of what your child is learning in Scottish schools, explain how parents can contribute to it and suggest where you can find more information about the CfE and supporting your child.
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We have also launched our Early Learning and Childcare in a Nutshell. This Nutshell gives an overview of the options available to parents and information about funding.

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Visit our NPFS website to see our full range of innovative information for parents and carers. Our nutshells are free to download, or drop us an email and we will happily post you some hard copies.

Coming Soon…
Look out for our Learner Journey and STEM Nutshells which are all coming soon!