Pop Lacrosse with P6

Pop lacrosse is the best P.E game to play. Miss Fraser is teaching us how to play Pop lacrosse.  She is very good at it and she used to play it when she was younger. Miss Reid is also very good at it and said she might start a lacrosse team at Westpark.  Our class is loving playing Pop Lacrosse.  We think everyone should play it.

Reported by Tyler – Westpark on the Web


Pop lacrosse is the most enjoyable sport at school. Miss Reid is really good at pop lacrosse, she told us she came second in Scotland with her team when she was younger.  She said she might make a pop lacrosse team.  Miss Fraser is also a great teacher at pop lacrosse.  Everyone in P6 are really impressed with how good she is, we are all like “WHAT! How can you do that so well?”  We would love to have a team in our school and learn to be as good as them.

Reported by Logan – Westpark on the Web

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