Westpark Running Club

U Decide have awarded Westpark School £4000 towards Westpark AC’s running/cycling track – thank you to all who voted for our bid. Just £6000 to go, please donate if you can.

Following on from the great news of the U Decide funds, we have set up a JustGiving crowdfunding page to help raise the rest of the much needed funds for the running track.

To do our part, 10 members of staff and Westpark family have signed up to do a 171 mile team race. We will be running from morning, through the night and probably through the following day too!

The track will do great things for the whole community so please donate, share the link and make people aware of what we are trying to do. The quicker we get the funds, the quicker we get the track.



Why are we Fundraising?

At Westpark, we are trying to improve the well-being of not only our children but the whole of the community. Over the past two years, the levels of activity has gone from strength to strength but this hasn’t come easy. We train in very poor conditions, crossing very busy roads to get to water-logged parks. It’s far from ideal for the 40+ children who consistently turn up, and has been cancelled on far too many occasions for safety concerns. Having a track on the school grounds would make a massive difference to the lives of everyone in the area. We don’t have the facilities in Northfield and they are badly needed. We have got a good portion of the funds required but still need more. This would be the final push to improve the quality and safety of training for all.

As our way of raising some more awareness and funds for the project, 10 members of staff and Westpark family are running 171 miles continuously from Maidstone to Dover to Brighton. We are far from the fastest and certainly not the fittest group, but we intend on starting and finishing this race, running from morning through the night. This in itself is surely worth a little donation!