Mr Fraser Cowie


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Mr Cowie

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that Mr Cowie, Head Teacher, has died following his recent illness.

We feel that parents/carers are the best people to inform young children of this and ask that you pass on this sad news.  Parents may find the advice contained in this booklet helpful when discussing death with their children:

Copies will also be made available in school.

We will have support structures in place to help your child cope with this tragedy.

We will share details of a memorial service for the school community once arrangements are in place.  We are sorry to bring you such sad news, and appreciate that an occurrence like this impacts upon us all.  Mr Cowie was extremely proud of the Westpark School Community and it is our hope that, together, we will be able to guide and support the children through what may be, for many, a very new experience in their lives.

A book of remembrance will be placed in the school foyer for pupils, parents and staff to sign if they wish.  We ask that you do not bring flowers or teddy bears to school, and instead will be collecting donations for a local food bank.  We feel that Mr Cowie would want your kind wishes to benefit our local community.

We are sorry to bring you this news and our thoughts are with Mr Cowie’s family at this very sad time.

Kind regards,

Gregor Watson and Alice Atkinson

On behalf of all of the staff at Westpark School