P1 Outdoor Maths – Measuring

It was a wonderfully sunny day today, the classroom was a bit warm so we decided to take our learning outside. We had 3 different measure tasks to complete.

The first involved us estimating how big a puddle our containers of water would make. We drew a chalk circle on the ground and poured the water in the middle. Some circles were too small, while others were too big!

The second task was to find sticks and stones of different sizes, and put them in order from smallest to largest. This was a little tricky as we all found so many different sticks, but we did it in the end!

The third task was in practice for our Sport’s Day. We had to jump (with feet together) over the line and see how far we could go. We used chalk to draw a line where we landed and then used a metre stick to measure the distance. It was good fun to see if you could beat the record!