Best Start P1 payments

£250 payments available for P1 parents in receipt of benefits. Follow this link to find out more:

Parent Voice Minutes

Please read the minutes from the meeting held in September 2020, and the agenda for the meeting scheduled for October 2020.

Westpark Loves To Run

Running club cannot meet at present, but we hope some of our Westpark Family will join us in this year long running/walking challenge: Parents/carers can sign up now, and start…

Working From Home – Children

Suggested activities for children who are self isolating. Please choose 2/3 tasks per day from the grids below. Early level – Nursery and P1 First level – P2,3,4 Second level…

COVID new guidance

Please read letters detailing guidance for when to self-isolate and about wearing face-masks to school.

Pencil Cases

A big thank you to the Parent Voice group – they have donated pencil cases and equipment for those children who did not have one for the return to school….

August 2020 Newsletter

Please read our newsletter for this term.

Harvest from the Garden

Some of the children were harvesting the beans and potatoes form the school garden on Friday afternoon with Mrs Troup. The kitchen staff will cook these and offer them to…